Picture: Jamila ToderasMr Grant is the head of the

canada goose Mr Grant, who oversaw the introduction of private certification while leading the building codes board, said certifiers should be appointed by Access Canberra, not private builders.Access Canberra has also been accused of being a “friend of industry” rather than a “feared regulator”, as the government agency came under fire during the second day of public hearings at the ACT Assembly’s building quality inquiry.Kingston Place resident John Grant, who appeared at the ACT Assembly’s building quality inquiry on Wednesday. Picture: Jamila ToderasMr Grant is the head of the owners corporation at the Kingston Place complex, which last year launched Supreme Court action against Morris Construction Corporation over alleged defects at the 120 home development. The developer has denied it is liable for the allegedly defective work.Mr Grant said Kingston Place owners had spent about $250,000 on expert reports and almost $400,000 on legal fees since 2014.

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canada goose China has made the most significant reductions in policy strictness, but it is still too early to assess the impact of this. Ultimately, we can think of lockdown as a national on off switch. Just as there is an epidemic curve of cases, so too there is a curve of policy responses canada goose.

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