So while I don think scores from wine magazines are A great moment for the company and all the employees who have been working so hard to get here, Mr Khosrowshahi said. Was a tough week to go public, but we got it done. EMBED START Image { id: “embedded242784813” } >Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, left, talks to Stacy Cunningham, president of the New York Stock Exchange (Richard Drew/AP).

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Canada Goose Parka Initially, the lockdown was announced in March for three months.Global rating agency, Standard and Poor’s expects gross non performing assets (NPAs) of Indian banks to spike to 14 percent in FY21 from around 8.5 percent in FY20.”The COVID 19 pandemic may set back the recovery of India’s banking sector by years, which could hit credit flows and ultimately, the economy,” the agency said in a note last month.Speaking at the SBI Banking Conclave last week, RBI governor Shaktikanta Das said banks need to prepare for bad times as NPAs are likely to spike on account of COVID 19. He stressed on the fact that banks need to augment their capital base to build a buffer.Total gross NPAs of banks stood around 8.3 percent in March compared to 9.1 percent in the same period last year. NPA level have come down in recent months, but that trend is unlikely to sustain due to the pandemic. Canada Goose Parka

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